Sunday, 12 April 2009

EVIBE' - one of Davao's G-mik spot!

EVIBE- used to be a a place for the ballroom enthusiast, which is why I was surprised when a friend of mine invited me to go there. What in the world are we going to do in the middle of a ballroom dance floor???

But when we entered the bar, it turned out that it's no longer a ballroom bar for people who usually have high concentrations of low density lipoproteins in their systems... jejejeje.. highly academic!

Nice sounds; mixture of upbeat r n b, great crowd, cool fixture and very very cold redhorses! Great combo huh'... The place is by far one of the nicest here in Davao to shrug off some stress, and pressure stains from work and from the work other than what you regularly do in the offices... jejeje.

So I happpen to have a very good time with my good and very wonderful friends. Stucked up massive doses of beer in my belly, taken some peanuts (very good for the uric acid..)and getting sober for the whole night. But was I having fun?

I certainly had.