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Taal Volcano has been called the smallest active volcano in the world. It is located about 70-km south of Manila in the middle of a lake called Taal Lake. What makes Taal Volcano unique is the fact that the volcano itself forms an island that has a lake of its own inside its crater which is called the "Crater Lake", thus, it is a lake within a lake.

How to go there.

The volcano island can be reached by taking a half-hour boat ride from practically any town on the the shores of Taal Lake. The more popular jumpoff point is from the town of Talisay. We chose to start from the town of San Nicolas because we heard that, due of its remoteness from Manila, less people take this route, thus making it less crowded, and boats can be hired at much cheaper rates from this town.

Manila to San Nicolas via Cuenca: From Manila, take the South Luzon Tollway from Nichols or C-5 entry all the way to the south end. At the end of the tollway, take the exit that points to Lucena and drive along this National Road for about 6km until you reach the Calamba boundary. About 1.5km from the boundary of Calamba, turn right and take the Star Tollway (Batangas Expressway) up to the Batangas/Lipa exit. Upon exit, head westward towards Batangas City.

1.2km from the tollway exit is the Fernando Airbase and about 2.5km from the airbase, there will be a junction the leads to Cuenca. Turn right at this junction. Head for Cuenca then Alitagtag then Sta. Teresita. At Sta Teresita, head nortwest towards Lemery/Taal. About 3.8km from Sta Teresita, there will be a junction to bypass Taal and Lemery with signs that point to Agoncillo. Take this bypass route on the right, and about 2.5km from the said junction, there will be a small road on the right side that leads to San Nicolas. This small road will be about 5km and will end straight into the Town Hall of San Nicolas. There will be a Y junction midway, just take the left road on this junction.

Right behind the town hall of San Nicolas is the majestic Taal Lake. The boats that can take you to the volcano island are docked on the pier behind the town hall. You can inquire about boat rides from the people in the town hall. The boats can take you to either of two destinations on the island. One is to a point where you can start a hike to the crater's highest point called the "ridge" where you can get a bird's eye view of the crater lake and the other to a point where you can start a hike to the crater lake itself. We chose to go on a hike to the crater lake itself.

Total hike distance from the boat landing point to the crater lake and back is about 6.2km. Because of the steep terrain and soft (and hot) nearly powder-like ash surface, the hike takes nearly 4 hrs (four 10-minute rest/stops included). If you like, you can hire a horse and save yourself about 4.5km worth of hike. But even on horseback, you have still have to hike 1.6km as there is a portion of trail down the crater where the terrain is too steep for horses to pass.

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Biggest Hospital in the World!!!

The largest hospital in the world is in the South African township of Soweto. Every day, more than 2,000 patients check into Baragwanath Hospital. Close to half of them are HIV positive.

Sister Agnes Ramashiga knows these numbers first-hand. She is an AIDS nurse and counselor at Baragwanath Hospital. Just Another Day, a radio and Web documentary produced for NPR by Joe Richman and Sue Johnson, takes listeners through a day in the life of Sister Agnes as she cares for and counsels AIDS patients. Some have just been diagnosed, others are simply trying to survive another week.

With more than 5 million people infected, South Africa has the largest HIV/AIDS population in the world. Just Another Day is an intimate portrait of one nurse at the frontline of a staggering epidemic.

TURK AND CAICOS ISLAND: One of the Finest Beaches in the World

The Turks and Caicos Island are among the best in the world and it is a place that is well recommended because here are situated the finest beaches in the world that will attract you once you see the enticing waters that provide ample opportunity to dive, snorkel and fish. Thus, it pays to learn about what the best Turks and Caicos resorts are and also to seek out the most suitable Turks and Caicos hotels, since accommodation is of the very best standard and you won't want to miss out on being comfortably lodged.

You are assured of finding Turks and Caicos hotels to be of the very best standards and many have excellent restaurants and there are some that offer spa facilities, and best of all you can even live in a Turks and Caicos hotel right next to the wonderful beaches here. The capital of Turks and Caicos Island is Grand Turk which owes its fame to the fact that the noted sailor and intrepid traveler Christopher Columbus came to this Island on his way to the New World, and besides it even took the fancy of famous astronaut John Glenn and even otherwise it is famous for its diving that makes Grand Turk well worth visiting.

When you look about the various Turks and Caicos resorts you will find plenty to choose from and whether you choose to stay at Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa or some other equally grand place, you won't find anything lacking and the three mile long beach with soft sands situated on the Providenciales Island is well worth your time and money. From here, you can get some excellent diving and snorkeling in, especially if you head to White House Reef.

Accommodations are readily available and Grand Turk is a great place where to look for Turks and Caicos hotels. Of special interest is Bohio Dive Resort that is typical of Turks and Caicos resorts and even though it is no more than two star hotels, it is still very unique and ideal for a traveler on a shoestring budget. There are obviously better class Turks and Caicos hotels as well and another example is Grand Turk Inn which is four stars and has lots to offer you by way of comfort.

Most good Turks and Caicos hotels will include meals and snacks in the room rates and even drinks may be included, and they all offer great dining opportunities that makes living here in Turks and Caicos Island a real pleasure that is further enhanced when you take to the outdoors and beach activities are also an exciting added feature of visiting this excellent location.

If you choose to stay at the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa, you will appreciate the well furnished rooms and the floors are tiled and spotlessly cleaned with the odd rugs thrown across to add to the ambience and with mahogany furniture there is little that you will lack for by way of comfort. All this makes Turks and Caicos Island an excellent holiday destination and with so many tourists flocking here, it is not surprising that the Turks and Caicos hotels and resorts are specially designed to keep tourists happy and flocking back here year after year.

Another best luxury accommodation facility in Dubai is Emirates Towers Hotel, which is complete with almost all facilities required by a modern business traveler. With more than 50 floors and 400 deluxe rooms, the hotel boasts of excellent banqueting and conference facilities. Among its umpteen facilities are complimentary parking, laundry / valet services, and handicapped rooms.

Some of the luxury accommodation options in Dubai operate as a part of international hotel chains. Significant of them are Sheraton Deira Hotel, suitable for both business and leisure purposes; Grand Hyatt Hotel, with resort facilities including top-end rooms and suites; and Le Meridian Beach Resort and Spa.

Other best hotels in Dubai are Admiral Plaza Hotel, Al Jawhara Apartments Hotel, Arabian Courtyard Bur Dubai Hotel, Metropolitan Palace Dubai Hotel, Hawthorn Deira Hotel, Taj Palace Dubai Hotel, and York International Hotel.

Aforesaid are just few among many of the luxury five star and four star accommodation options in Dubai. Dubai hotels also include a good number of three star hotels as well as budget hotels.

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For Single Girls: Waiting for the Right Guy, or the Birds?

If you’ve been single for a while and you know you’re great, you might be wondering why you don’t have a boyfriend yet. Is it because you don’t want to take the risk and fall for just “any guy”, or is it because you don’t want to fall for the wrong type of guy?

Before you decide whether to stay on your pedestal or go down and mingle with the “average joes”, you must read this poem I found on this site.

Here, I built my own tree with the poem.

Girls are like
apples on trees. The best
ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don’t want to reach for
the good ones because they are afraid
of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they
just get the rotten apples from the ground
that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples
at the top think something is wrong with
them, when in reality, they’re amazing.
They just have to wait for the right
boy to come along, the one
who’s brave enough
to climb
all the way
to the top
of the tree.

Here’s the problem with the “brave men” who dared to climb that high:

When they get all the way to the top, they see all these OTHER beautiful, juicy and glistening apple fruits all around them, waiting to be picked. These men think, “why should I make do with one good fruit when I can eat a whole bunch?”

You, the one he climbed the tree for, suddenly feel cheated of the chance to be the ONLY apple for this guy who climbed all the way up the tree for you. The real quality men worth waiting for are those who will take the risk, and be able to stay loyal.

If you want to be the only “apple” for him, visit this site to find out how to catch the best guy and how to keep him loyal to you forever.

Top 10 In-Demand Healthcare Occupations

The healthcare industry is one of the few career fields that, despite hard economic woes, is hiring at an alarming rate. Healthcare jobs are expected to grow faster than any other industry – roughly 24% by 2016. As baby boomers age, and Generation X has children, healthcare professionals will become more in-demand than ever. What are the hottest healthcare fields, and who are hiring these much-needed professionals? Find out now.

#1 – Registered Nurse
#2 – Home Health Aide
#3 – Medical Assistant
#4 – Pharmacy Technician
#5 – Medical Secretary
#6 – Dental Assistant
#7 – Healthcare Administrator
#8 – Medical Records and Health Information Technician
#9 – Physical Therapist
#10 – EMT and Paramedic


Fear is a feeling that too often runs our lives. Whether it is fear of commitment, rejection, failure, death, flying, or any other phobia, it tends to keep us from living our lives to the fullest. Fear can be handled rationally and can be controlled if you are willing to work on it and are motivated enough in controlling it, instead of it controlling you.

The first thing you need to do is take the time to get to know your fears. Most of the time, people are aware of their fears, but never really get to know them. Set up a time when you can sit down and have an interview with your fear. What is your fear and where does it come from, and why do you fear it? These are questions that must be provided with answers in order to better understand your fear, so that you can start brainstorming about methods that will work best for you.

Start with acknowledging what the fear really is. Once you are fully aware of what your fear is, then work on figuring out where it comes from. For example, if you have a fear of failure, what gave birth to such a fear? There is a cause for everything, so if you feel puzzled on tracking down the place of where it came from, keep looking inside yourself until you find it. Did you do poorly in school as a young child? Did your parents constantly pressure you to do well, making you feel anxious and incapable of ever pleasing them? Knowing where your fear comes from is the biggest key to understanding it. Understanding your fears is good because it also means that you are able to find solutions to it.

After making the discovery of where your fear(s) come from, you may then ask yourself why you fear it so much. Many people have a fear to fly, for instance, because they hear news of airplane crashes and are terrified that they might share the same fate as the planes that crashed. Others fear flying because they are intimidated with the fact that they would be so high above the ground. Learning why your fear exists so strongly is important and will help you learn more about yourself and the way you think about things.

Once you figure all of this out, what do you do to handle your fear? Research tends to help greatly. Let's say you have a fear of commitment. The best thing to do is look back at all the experiences that helped build this fear. Did you get heartbroken several times from past relationships and now run away when an opportunity for a serious relationship comes to surface? Go back in time to those relationships and re-live what went wrong and why. You will discover that all those situations were different in some way and handled in different ways. What does that tell you? It tells you that no one is the same and no relationship is perfect. Admitting to this fact will help you understand that running away is not the answer, but what you really need to do is face and accept the imperfection in your relationships and work on ways to better the challenging situations.

Talking about your fears with people will help too and feed you more knowledge on your fear. If your fear is commitment, then talk to a friend about it and ask them how their relationships are and how they handle challenges. You will soon learn that not all relationships end in heartbreak and that you are capable of having a happy and healthy relationship, just like anyone else. Talking about your fears will also be good self-therapy. Sometimes, just letting something off your chest helps tremendously, making you feel stronger and more prepared to face your fear and control it. So keep talking about it for as long as you need to.

Facing your fears and accepting that they exist will be a big breakthrough for you. When you feel strong enough to face it, just go for it without giving in to the intimidation. There is no doubt that it will be difficult and perhaps even impossible to go through with it in your first few attempts, but with practice and support from yourself and others, you will eventually stare you fear in the face and realize that you were the more powerful one this whole time.

Finding methods that work for you may take time, but will be worth it when you see how dramatically your life will change. You will be able to face the world more open mindedly, as well as do the things you have always wanted and deserved to do. When you allow fear to control your life, you are really pushing away experiences that you were meant to experience.

The important keys you need to remember are:

1. Defining you Fear
2. Finding out where it comes from
3. Learning why you fear it so much
4. Accepting it's existence
5. Facing it and taking control

The truth is, you might never terminate you fear entirely, but you will learn to take charge and decide just how much you will make your fear a part of your life and just how much of an influence it will have. There will be times you will want to give up and forget about conquering your fear, but every time these temptations come around, just remind yourself of the life you actually really want. A life that can be completely happy and one you can live to the fullest. When you remind yourself of this, use that strength right then and there and dare your fear to a challenge and show it who is boss!

THE BIGGEST OF THEM ALL- The Philippine Eagle

Interesting childhood question of mine. I was quite jealous when I was quite young to discover Wedgtails weren't the biggest. Without ruining my life (?), I've discovered through various articles and experience: Some stats regarding Steller's either put average weights at either 9 or 9.5kg (depending on location) for females and 7 - 8 kgs males with wingspan max 230 -260cm with females at a max of 103cm in length (a species with a liking for the cold). -Very robust eagles with large heads and huge yellow honkers and shortish wedged-shaped tails. I was fortunate to see a collection of them in the wild at Shiretoko and noticed marked size differences between individuals. Some males almost look small and compact compared to some female White-tailed Sea-eagles which have very short tails and I've read can average 7kgs (at Shiretoko) with 5kgs for males and a wingspan of upto 230cm (though quite broad). Two weeks after visiting Shiretoko I visited home in oz and had a close encounter with a pair of Wedgetails. The primaries of the female did appear to out extend the Stellers but their long tails (making up their max av length of 110cm) and lanky bodies, are a different sight with females averaging just 5kgs ( a species adapted to hot temperatures exceeding 40c) yet with wingspan at a max of 260cm being equal to max for Stellers. Captives: A Stellers at 12.7 kgs for an exchange breeding program vs a Harpy at 13kgs in a zoo. I've read different differing accounts of female Harpies averaging 8 or 9kgs in the wild but jungle based raptors have shorter broader wings (and aerial hunting harpies have huge hind talons). The tallest, Phillipine Eagles, at 7kgs (+? )have, according to BBC and other articles, the greatest surface area for the wings. I don't know which I'd buy if they were cars or cameras? They all look pretty cool. Couldn't say I'd be disappointed with any. -Though I only get a buzz seeing any in the wild. Aussie 'Little Eagles' at just over 1kg are super and the largest known, extinct, Haast's Eagle from NZ is sadly long gone but it would be great to photograph. But with the latter in mind, I have had close encounters with wedgetails (an aquila species) that made me a little suspicious and nervous. I hope anyone can enjoy encountering any species in the wild! All beautiful aerialists with proud demeanours. Cheers.

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What are Liposuction and Liposculpture? What can they do for you?

Liposuction and liposculpture are the same process but are different in terms of the patient objectives that they meet.

Liposuction relates to the general removal of fat whereas liposculpture refers to refined sculpture of specific areas. The benefit of both is that they can remove specific problem areas of fat and improve your body shape in a way that exercise and diet alone cannot. While these are definitely not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle it can give you additional motivation with all the other things you do to keep fit and healthy.

Liposuction and liposculpture can be used to remove fat from such areas as inner and outer thighs, buttocks, knees, hips and abdomen; in fact any area where excess fat deposits have accumulated. Areas such as the chin, neck, jowls, cheeks and arms can be treated with great success.

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LOOKING GOOD IN THE COLD WEATHER - by jaja and van van

Here are few tips on staying stylish in the cold weather.

Keep Your Head Covered
Most of your body heat escapes from your head. So, wearing a hat will make a huge difference. It will keep you warm and looking fabulous at the same time.
Fabrics for Cool Weather
Tweed and wool are two fabrics that provide warmth, while still looking fashionable. You can usually tell which fabrics would be warmer by the weight and texture - warmer fabrics are generally heavier, thicker, and not as soft as cooler fabrics.
Try to Layer Your Look
The key to layering clothing items without looking too frumpy is using color and bulk to your advantage.
Add Color to Your Outfit
Wearing all one color, even in different shades, or wearing black, winter white or gray with a color that pops, provides a slimmer look rather than wearing several different colors all at once.
Accessorize for Cold Weather
Accessories are an important part of layering. Wearing gloves, boots and a scarf gives you a stylish and complete look.

AMERICAN IDOL SCANDALS; Fantasia's Home Saved By Simon Cowell?

Former American Idol star Fantasia Barrino has music mogul Simon Cowell to thank for saving her North Carolina home from foreclosure - after he reportedly helped to pay off some of her debts.

The singer, who was crowned the winner of Idol in 2004, purchased the six-bedroom house in Charlotte in March 2007 for $1.3 million.

But she ran into financial difficulty and failed to keep up with repayments on the property.

The mansion was due to be auctioned off on January 12 by the local Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, but the sale was called off at the last minute after Barrino reached a deal with financiers.

And, according to the National Enquirer, it was Cowell who stepped in to provide a short-term solution to Barrino's money problems.

A source tells the tabloid, "Very quietly, Simon promised to help Fantasia take care of some of the back payments she owed so the house wouldn't go on the block. His offer of monetary support helped her stave off the creditors, at least for the time being. Simon didn't want to take any credit for it, he just wanted to help her out of a jam. He was hoping to keep his good deed a secret. He didn't want to cause Fantasia any further public embarrassment."

Friday, 13 March 2009

RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN - on big screen.

Action star Dwayne Johnson is enjoying a formidable career in Hollywood. His films include “Get Smart,” “The Rundown,” and the recent hit Disney comedy, “The Game Plan.” Now, he headlines Walt Disney Pictures’ exciting new fun-filled action adventure “Race to Witch Mountain.”

In the film, Johnson stars as Jack Bruno, a hard luck Las Vegas cab driver whose life is thrown into chaos when apparent ‘runaway’ teenagers Sara (Anna-Sophia Robb) and Seth (Alexander Ludwig) jump into his taxi. He soon realizes his two fares are children with exceptional paranormal powers whom he must protect as they elude a collection of ruthless enemies. When they discover that the only chance to save the world lies in unraveling the secrets of Witch Mountain, the race begins, as the government, mobsters and even extra-terrestrials try to stop them.

The versatile actor—a former professional wrestler known worldwide as The Rock—is equally at home in the arenas of comedy and drama. Needless to say, his forte is action and he is highly enthusiastic about his latest film.

“It is an action sci-fi adventure and that is what got me interested and excited,” explains Johnson. “I have a real affinity for Disney and I was excited about the great, intense entertainment in the film. The first ten to fifteen minutes of the movie is like an amazing roller coaster and once you get on it, it never stops, but the action is merged with all the qualities that make up the Disney brand: heart and family and humor, along with a touch of magic.”

“Race to Witch Mountain” reunites Johnson with his “Game Plan” director Andy Flickman, an occasion that the actor welcomes. “We developed a great relationship on `The Game Plan,’” he says. “I loved working with Andy and I was thrilled about the chance to make another Disney family film. It was a very easy decision for me. Andy came to me with the idea of re-imagining the Disney classic `Escape to Witch Mountain’ and I thought it was fantastic.

I was a big fan of the original film growing up, and coincidentally, my little girl—who is seven—is a big fan, too. Before this film was in development, we had watched the older film together. She was so excited at the prospect of this film, so the pieces fell together really nicely, and it was not a difficult decision to take the role.”

The film also afforded Johnson to exploit his passion for doing action scenes. “There is great action throughout the movie, starting with a fantastic initial car chase that sets off the race to Witch Mountain, with some incredible and intense driving sequences,” shares Johnson. “From that point onwards, the action is non-stop.

“Reflecting on his success, Johnson concludes “Everything is non-stop for me just now and I am very happy. But I want to continue to work in different genres and have that ability to move from action to comedy and make good movies. I just love all aspects of making movies. It is all so enjoyable and I am very grateful.”

MUSEO DABAWENYO... A part of Davao's soaring up.

MADAYAW! DAYON KAMO! Welcome to Museo Dabawenyo! The Museum of the People of Davao This building, formerly the Court of First Instance was restored and rehabilitated to house and showcase the rich history and diverse cultural heritage of the people of Davao. It was established by the City Government of Davao through the initiative of the 14th City Council under City Ordinance No. 0266-06, Series of 2006, signed into law by Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte on November 15, 2006. It was funded by the Special Education Fund of the Local School Board. First opened to the public during the 71st Araw ng Dabaw grand opening celebration on March 14, 2008. We will appreciate very much if you can donate any artifact or artifacts of historical value. The artifact leaves your living legacy to Davao and the world and it will be tagged with your name. Come now and pay us a visit. This is your museum. You are FREE to come.


Who should control Davao, the Japanese or Filipinos?

This may sound a silly question today, but this was the hottest issue that raged in Davao in the 1930’s that eventually led to the creation of Davao City.

During this period, the then undivided province of Davao, which had a capital town with the same name, was the biggest producer of abaca in the world. Abaca as well as coconut plantations sprawled all over Davao Gulf, with the Japanese practically controlling the entire industry.

Despite laws restricting foreign ownership of land, the Japanese managed to become the largest plantation owners in Davao. They were able to achieve this by using dummies to buy land for them, by marrying local women, particularly with datu lineage, and by renting land from local landowners.

By the 1930’s, Davao was completely under the control of the Japanese. Their economic clout made them politically influential. They had their own schools, hospitals and road networks. The biggest concentration of the Japanese was in Guianga Municipal District, centered around Mintal. Their population continued to grow, reaching 17, 900 by 1939.

As Japan was a growing world power, having defeated Russia in 1904 and annexed Korea in 1910 and Manchuria in 1931, fears were raised as to the real intentions of the Japanese in the country. During the 1934 Constitutional Convention, Davao delegate Pantaleon Pelayo Sr. denounced the control of Davao by the Japanese and their unlimited acquisition of land. The presence of the Japanese in Davao had now become a national problem.

On March 16, 1936 Davao Assemblyman Romualdo C. Quimpo filed Bill No. 609 or Commonwealth Act No. 51, An Act Creating the City of Davao. The City of Davao was to be formed by combining the capital town of Davao and the municipal district of Guianga. This made Davao City the largest city in the world with a territory of 2,244 square kilometers or 244,400 hectares.

As the creation of Davao City was intended to break the control of the Japanese, the Act stipulated that its officials would be appointed by the President of the Philippines, instead of being elected. It was believed that in elections, Japanese-supported candidates would win, thus entrenching Japanese power in Davao.

On October 16, 1936, the bill was signed into law by President Manuel L. Quezon. The following year, on March, 1937, Executive Proclamation No. 132 was issued that formally organized the City of Davao.

It was during the term of Mayor Elias B. Lopez that the celebration of the foundation of City of Davao was made a week-long celebration that culminated on March 16.

Today, Davao City is the most progressive city in Mindanao and is considered the most livable city in the country. Foreign investors and visitors are all welcome, but the city is under the firm control of Filipinos as its founding fathers had intended.

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Wings of an Angel Soaring High With Great Reviews

Angel Logan obtained great reviews for her very first published book, Wings of an Angel. Logan’s poetry collection represents hope and enlightens the readers to start looking for the answers to life’s questions within themselves. Aiming to touch people’s lives, Logan impressively got the thumbs up from the reading public paving the way to the amazing success of her self-published book.

Published December 2003 through Xlibris, Wings of an Angel seeks to inspire readers enabling them to relate to their own personal experiences. The audience will get to know the fundamental nature of moving on, pacing ahead and celebrating the magnificence of life through this splendid poetry collection.

Beverly Pechin from Reader Views stated “Wings of an Angel is a beautiful collection of poetry that gently relaxes one from the inside out and somehow within its few pages of beauty can bring you to an inner peace each time you open it. An absolute work of beauty.”


Give me freedom, give me liberty no matter how much it may cost me, and I will pay for it! Set me free like a bird who is learning to fly. Let me go so that I may spread my wings!I may fall once, I may fall twice, I may fall so many times but I will not fall always. I will learn to fly!

If you will not let me go, how can I be strong? How can I live? How can I learn to rise from my fall, from my mistakes?

You may think seclusion shall protect me, but what you do not know is that boredom can kill me a hundred times more. It is more than stupor, it is worse than death.

Let me feel the hurt and the pain so that I may enjoy comfort. Let me experience sorrow so that I may have glorious happiness! It is better than being idle: like a stone that never knew what’s on the other side of the mountain, like a shell that never knew what’s on the other side of the sea.

Let me live, set me free. Let me be responsible for my own soul. Let me think, for I do have a mind. Let me feel, for I too, have a heart. Let me go, for He who made me is free!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Danny Gokey sang “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” for his audition on American Idol 8.

Danny Gokey’s wife passed away 4 weeks before the audition. I generally hate it when Idol uses a death in the family to promote its contestants, but the producers handled this better than the last time in my opinion.

Do we have Danny Gokey fans now?